Grammie and Papa Martin Come to Visit

We had this companion airline ticket that was going to expire the end of December. By the time we really thought about using it all ticket prices were too expensive. Brian one day called from work and told me to get online and buy a ticket for my mom and dad (since we only had to pay for one). I, the sceptic, thought it was too late to get a good deal as we were only 2 weeks from my parents supposed arrival. I checked, and low and behold tickets were not only reasonable but cheap! I called my parents, they said book it and they were coming the 26th through the 30th. I was giddy as that meant the kids could open their gifts personally with Grammie & Papa and we could just have fun!

 The day of their arrival finally came we waited and waited for the appointed hour on 1pm to arrive. Right prior to their departure I received a phone call from my dad saying they were delayed. I was so depressed. They were not not arriving till 9pm. I sadly informed the kids that they were not coming until late and instantly had hysterics. Then at 9pm I got a call from my dad that they were again delayed, until 2am. I told my dad to just call my cell phone and wake me when they had landed. Brian was on call and had been in and out of the house all night. I woke at 2:30 on my own and called my dad. He then informed me he was in Eugene where they were detoured due to fog and also lack of fuel. They had to get a crew to come to the airport to refuel the airplane. He would wake me when they arrived. At 4:30 I got the long anticipated phone call and quickly got the kids in the car. My parents were so excited to see me and then shocked when they saw the kids. They didn’t realize the Brian wasn’t home and that I would have to bring them. All of the kids squeeled, wanted hugs and kisses and then to show grammie and papa their new tricks, toys, rooms, etc. It was hard to calm them down to go back to bed. But we did, slowly go back to bed to peaceful slumber…..except Ethan, who was ready for the day.

 My mom and dad took full advantage of their time with us. We played toys…


Grammie built snowment with our first of many atypical snowfalls of the year.


We played games…


 And had fun. The only thing lacking was a picture of Grandpa?  Now, I can tell you he took many naps and was a frequent babysitter for Ethan. We must have more pictures Papa!

 It was my favorite christmas moment.


One response to “Grammie and Papa Martin Come to Visit

  1. So fun to have your parents visit and so brave of you to get all of your kid up at 4:30 in the morning!

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