Roger “the cow whisperer”




Roger last day of work is only 10 days away. I think I found his new profession….animal whisperer! It was a sad day to see these docile cows leave for the butcher…I say this as I ground up some fresh beef for tacos tonight. Roger promises never to tell me when I am eating Jack or Jill.


3 responses to “Roger “the cow whisperer”

  1. Haha. We had cows growing up and when one of us was feeling snarky we would say….Mmmm, Daisy tastes good!

  2. Where have you been? Hope you had a great Thanksgiving w/ your fam. My family will all be here for Christmas–thankfully mostly at Meredith’s. đŸ™‚ Still never got a hold of Q. Do you know what’s happened to her?
    Congrats to Roger & his retirement! My dad’s last day is today! Weird!

  3. maybe now that Roger is retired he can take those horses out for some more ride. When riding them at Thanksgiving I thought I was going to have to ride them right into the glue factory. They acted like they were on their last leg =)

    Nice to see the updates. . .I’ve been missing you!

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