A very cool brother and sister -in law

We had the wonderful joy of having both Anne and her husband Taylor and Steven and his wife Brianne stay in town for quite some time during the holidays (largely in part to the horrendous storms we have been experiencing here in the Northwest). The kids really got to know their aunts and uncles and had so much fun. Taylor made the mistake of teaching the kids how to do flips off his shoulders. This lead to all children having multiple turns and, as if that wasn’t enough, a giant piggyback ride for three of them!


Everytime Brianne comes into town she too takes the time to hang out with the kids. This time she spent a great deal of time teaching the kids how to do origami (sp?) from a book Andrew had ordered from his book orders. The kids sat there with complete attention for almost an hour–a record!


Yeah, they are both pretty awesome. So to Uncle Stu and Uncle Matt, I better see some serious competition in the favorite in-law category this summer at Aspen Grove!!!


One response to “A very cool brother and sister -in law

  1. I love tuning in a seeing what you guys are up to! Love your blog and how you write. Your love of life is evident. I also love seeing all the picutres of your cute kiddos.

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