Morning Glory Breakfast


In Ashland there is this quaint little breakfast place named Morning Glory that is a favorite of many of my friends. I was introduced to the place last year.  It is located in historic Ashland with it’s ecclectic culture and people. It is not uncommon to pull into the parking lot and find it loaded with VW buses or Toyota Prius’s. Then you enter the quaint diner and find people reading The Audacity of Hope by our own Barack Obama. It is a popular spot for my friends when we need a “pick me up” or a “happy birthday.” Most of the dishes are things I could never even fathom how to make nor would make but they are delicious. There is nothing like a rich, syrupy (word?) waffle layered with cream cheese or an omlet with organic veggies and yummy meats……mmm….I’m hungry. If you ever stop to visit me in Medford. I promise you a treat. A trip to Morning Glory.


One response to “Morning Glory Breakfast

  1. Mmmm. This post makes me hungry for their yummy caramalized onion omlette with gorgonzola(sp?) cheese and lemon ricatta stuffed french toast. Devine!!

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