Lucky Charms Ethan

This is what Ethan does at least once an hour up to 6-8 times a day especially around meals.

1. He opens the cereal cupboard.


2. He pulls all of the boxes of cereal down.


3. He finds the lucky charms and then proceeds to pick out all of the marshmellows.


P.S. I really don’t have just candy cereals in my cupboard. Currently there is Raisin Bran, Honey Bunches of Oats, and Cheerios. But we have to keep the Lucky Charms for Brian and Ethan….and Andrew….and Lizzie….and Sophie….and believe it or not, not me!


4 responses to “Lucky Charms Ethan

  1. ha ha jill that is so funny. I love the picture where he’s like “What mom?”

  2. Smart Kid. . . gots to have the sugar cereal!

  3. Hilarious! I love it! although I can’t blame him — the marshmallows are the best part. 🙂

  4. OK this is hilarious. Is this Brian’s son or what?!

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