1st Time Ice Skating

I took my 3 older kids and we went to the Rrrrrrink in December. The kids had their first experience on skates. Lizzy and Sophie took off immediately and were amazing little skaters for their first time.


Sophie spent the majority of the evening skating down the middle with her friend Nyah or holding Miss Sharon’s hand while she and Paige made loops.


Lizzy was racing around like a mad woman. She refused to leave her gloves on, her coat was soaked, and she spent >50% of her time on the ground but loved every minute of it. She has requested repeat performances but we haven’t made it yet.


I remember my mom’s beautiful white skates that I can picture her wearing as a teenager. I loved those skates and planned to wear them when I was a teenager. Sadly, I never had feet big enough to fit them. They were lovely though. I hope my mom still has them.


Andrew on the other hand continued to use his little “helper” to navigate the ice. He has been back on the ice since this evening and still continues to be on the walker.


I was pleased to not fall and was ginger on the ice for the first hour. Then relaxed and looped and looped the ice with my new found confidence. Truthfully, it had probably been 12 years since I had been in skates.


Andrew kept saying, “Take pictures mom, I’m ice skating!” I had a hard time controlling the giggles and snapping the picture.


Notice Sophie and Lizzy doing twirls in the background. This was a really fun night.


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