Christmas Pictures


We went to JC Penney for our annual christmas picture. Yes, many of you just barely got it. I was so proud of my little pack that I made them walk the whole mall with me to 1) show them off; 2) return an item at the opposite end of the mall. Santa yet again somehow managed to scare Sophie when he appeared around the corner at Macy’s. Tears were replaced with smiles with a cooke from Cookie Connection….mmm….chocolate marshmallow cookie…..mmm. I’m dieting today. Very grumpy.

Anyways, aren’t they cute?


1st Time Ice Skating

I took my 3 older kids and we went to the Rrrrrrink in December. The kids had their first experience on skates. Lizzy and Sophie took off immediately and were amazing little skaters for their first time.


Sophie spent the majority of the evening skating down the middle with her friend Nyah or holding Miss Sharon’s hand while she and Paige made loops.


Lizzy was racing around like a mad woman. She refused to leave her gloves on, her coat was soaked, and she spent >50% of her time on the ground but loved every minute of it. She has requested repeat performances but we haven’t made it yet.


I remember my mom’s beautiful white skates that I can picture her wearing as a teenager. I loved those skates and planned to wear them when I was a teenager. Sadly, I never had feet big enough to fit them. They were lovely though. I hope my mom still has them.


Andrew on the other hand continued to use his little “helper” to navigate the ice. He has been back on the ice since this evening and still continues to be on the walker.


I was pleased to not fall and was ginger on the ice for the first hour. Then relaxed and looped and looped the ice with my new found confidence. Truthfully, it had probably been 12 years since I had been in skates.


Andrew kept saying, “Take pictures mom, I’m ice skating!” I had a hard time controlling the giggles and snapping the picture.


Notice Sophie and Lizzy doing twirls in the background. This was a really fun night.

Morning Glory Breakfast


In Ashland there is this quaint little breakfast place named Morning Glory that is a favorite of many of my friends. I was introduced to the place last year.  It is located in historic Ashland with it’s ecclectic culture and people. It is not uncommon to pull into the parking lot and find it loaded with VW buses or Toyota Prius’s. Then you enter the quaint diner and find people reading The Audacity of Hope by our own Barack Obama. It is a popular spot for my friends when we need a “pick me up” or a “happy birthday.” Most of the dishes are things I could never even fathom how to make nor would make but they are delicious. There is nothing like a rich, syrupy (word?) waffle layered with cream cheese or an omlet with organic veggies and yummy meats……mmm….I’m hungry. If you ever stop to visit me in Medford. I promise you a treat. A trip to Morning Glory.

Ward Christmas Party

Our church had a christmas party complete with Santa Claus this past year.


Lizzy was proud to proclaim that she had been the best little angel this year. Her mother remained silent.


Andrew was an angel and just couldn’t help but smile and smile at Santa.


Ethan reacted with fear but not enough fear to stay away. He wanted a candy cane.

Sophie…..well, Sophie remained a healthy 100 yards and in a different room away from this scary Santa. But made sure that I should tell him she too had been an angel. Mother again remained silent.


After our time with Santa we watched a “Traditions of Christmas” program where many families came on stage and shared with others their holiday traditions. My favorite was the nativity.


Afterward, I found my two boys covered in stickers as if they had been infected with the measles. They were also giggling. Brian was deliberately absent. And as far as Santa knew, my family was full of perfect angels. Again, I remained silent…but smiling.

Hoover Elementary Talent Show

Every year the Hoover Elementary School holds auditions for the annual Hoover Talent show. This year I was the proud mother of 3 participants.


Andrew was asked to be a part of a group who did the “Haka.” The Haka is a war chant that is popular with several rugby teams and in particular the BYU football team, being a staple of their pre-game warmup. Watching him scream like a warrior was so cool. I was then flashing forward to when he and his buddies are doing this prior to their football game…or he could just be watching the game as a bystander with 20 girls around him. Either way, I know he will have a good time.


Then my little darlings got up there with their kindergarten class and melted the whole audiences hearts with “Nibble Nibble Nibble” where it is “all for the love of you!” Yet again, my chest was even bigger as my little girls sang so well. I flashed forward to vocal choirs and dramatic plays in my mind for both of them, although Sophie has told me she is going to be on the football team.


Then, Andrew, after only 4 months of lessons, got up on stage and played flawlessly his little piano number “The Happy Cowboy.” Brian and I were quite nervous as the piece was very technical for his abilities and he was going to play it by memory. I think I felt like I was going to pass out because of all my nervous anxiety. Brian too was quite nervous. But then, little Andrew walked out on stage in his new suit and played his heart out. The crowd erupted into applause and we were just about on the moon with joy as parents. Afterwards, we asked him if he was nervous and he replied, “No.” “Why not Andrew?” I asked. He stated, “Because I just wasn’t. I just went out and played the piano.” Oh, if he can only feel that way the day he finishes his oral exams for his Ph.D. dissertation in mechanical engineering.


Rozanne’s Birthday


My mother-in-law had a birthday on December 6th. I can’t figure out why these pictures won’t load correctly so please tilt your head accordingly. Isn’t she lovely. Very classy. Very elegant. Very generous. Very loving. Very charitable. Very…Rozanne. I am a lucky daughter in-law.


Taylor made this yummy cake complete with gnosh (sp?). I don’t know what it is but I do know it is yummy. Anne found this awesome birthday candles, definitely a Cropper signature statement.


When asked where we should go for dinner, her reply, MUCHO GUSTO! No fancy restaurant, no sit down dinner, no waiter and tip, just fresh Mex and free guacamole coupons….I love this lady.


I am a lucky daughter in law. Happy Birthday Rozanne!

Last nights prayer…


So I know for those of you who read my blog that I am now posting many November and December events. I have gotten woefully behind but am convinced that I should post these many wonderful events. I intended to not post anything current until I was current, which is only about 10 posts away…all drafts….all in progress. That was, until last night. I just got to post this now.

I was in the boys room saying nightly prayers with my son Andrew when he asked me to say the prayer for both him and myself. I said sure. The room got quiet, then Andrew quickly looked up and said, “Oh, and Mom, don’t forget to repent of all of your sins.”

I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry. Truthfully, I laughed internally, trying to keep the quiet reverence present in the room. Then, later, reflectively, I cried. He is a wise boy.