Ward Christmas Party

Our church had a christmas party complete with Santa Claus this past year.


Lizzy was proud to proclaim that she had been the best little angel this year. Her mother remained silent.


Andrew was an angel and just couldn’t help but smile and smile at Santa.


Ethan reacted with fear but not enough fear to stay away. He wanted a candy cane.

Sophie…..well, Sophie remained a healthy 100 yards and in a different room away from this scary Santa. But made sure that I should tell him she too had been an angel. Mother again remained silent.


After our time with Santa we watched a “Traditions of Christmas” program where many families came on stage and shared with others their holiday traditions. My favorite was the nativity.


Afterward, I found my two boys covered in stickers as if they had been infected with the measles. They were also giggling. Brian was deliberately absent. And as far as Santa knew, my family was full of perfect angels. Again, I remained silent…but smiling.


One response to “Ward Christmas Party

  1. Cute, Your blog pictures and posts bring a smile to my face!

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