Hoover Elementary Talent Show

Every year the Hoover Elementary School holds auditions for the annual Hoover Talent show. This year I was the proud mother of 3 participants.


Andrew was asked to be a part of a group who did the “Haka.” The Haka is a war chant that is popular with several rugby teams and in particular the BYU football team, being a staple of their pre-game warmup. Watching him scream like a warrior was so cool. I was then flashing forward to when he and his buddies are doing this prior to their football game…or he could just be watching the game as a bystander with 20 girls around him. Either way, I know he will have a good time.


Then my little darlings got up there with their kindergarten class and melted the whole audiences hearts with “Nibble Nibble Nibble” where it is “all for the love of you!” Yet again, my chest was even bigger as my little girls sang so well. I flashed forward to vocal choirs and dramatic plays in my mind for both of them, although Sophie has told me she is going to be on the football team.


Then, Andrew, after only 4 months of lessons, got up on stage and played flawlessly his little piano number “The Happy Cowboy.” Brian and I were quite nervous as the piece was very technical for his abilities and he was going to play it by memory. I think I felt like I was going to pass out because of all my nervous anxiety. Brian too was quite nervous. But then, little Andrew walked out on stage in his new suit and played his heart out. The crowd erupted into applause and we were just about on the moon with joy as parents. Afterwards, we asked him if he was nervous and he replied, “No.” “Why not Andrew?” I asked. He stated, “Because I just wasn’t. I just went out and played the piano.” Oh, if he can only feel that way the day he finishes his oral exams for his Ph.D. dissertation in mechanical engineering.



2 responses to “Hoover Elementary Talent Show

  1. Oh my. ..what talented nieces and nephew I have! Actually. . . I’m not surprised one bit.

  2. oh my gosh jill! i hope you got this all on camera! I can’t get over that andrew wasn’t nervous at all! i still gt nervous playing for relief society! and finally we get some new updates! love ya sis!

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