Rozanne’s Birthday


My mother-in-law had a birthday on December 6th. I can’t figure out why these pictures won’t load correctly so please tilt your head accordingly. Isn’t she lovely. Very classy. Very elegant. Very generous. Very loving. Very charitable. Very…Rozanne. I am a lucky daughter in-law.


Taylor made this yummy cake complete with gnosh (sp?). I don’t know what it is but I do know it is yummy. Anne found this awesome birthday candles, definitely a Cropper signature statement.


When asked where we should go for dinner, her reply, MUCHO GUSTO! No fancy restaurant, no sit down dinner, no waiter and tip, just fresh Mex and free guacamole coupons….I love this lady.


I am a lucky daughter in law. Happy Birthday Rozanne!


3 responses to “Rozanne’s Birthday

  1. First of all, “ganache” and yes, it is divine! Second of all, where the heck have you been? Q asked why you weren’t on FB–you really should join again (and B, too)–we have a whole group of over 60 of us from the old King Henry Ward! Love ya!

  2. I’m glad you are back too and I’ll be back soon too. Miss you all but good to be here.

  3. Roseanne is one FANTASTIC woman! Love the birthday pictures. . . now I think you need a post about pets =)

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