Last nights prayer…


So I know for those of you who read my blog that I am now posting many November and December events. I have gotten woefully behind but am convinced that I should post these many wonderful events. I intended to not post anything current until I was current, which is only about 10 posts away…all drafts….all in progress. That was, until last night. I just got to post this now.

I was in the boys room saying nightly prayers with my son Andrew when he asked me to say the prayer for both him and myself. I said sure. The room got quiet, then Andrew quickly looked up and said, “Oh, and Mom, don’t forget to repent of all of your sins.”

I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry. Truthfully, I laughed internally, trying to keep the quiet reverence present in the room. Then, later, reflectively, I cried. He is a wise boy.


One response to “Last nights prayer…

  1. “…and a little child shall lead them.” Isaiah 11:6

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