Andrew turns 8


Andrew turned 8 in November. I told him he could have a very special birthday party and that I would do anything he wanted, thinking we would go bowling or to a movie or out to eat. But, my little man wanted a Super Hero Party. I let him have his closest friends over for the party (2 girls and 6 boys). We bought white t-shirts and let his friends decorate them, then they decorated red capes, all looking like their very own Super Hero.


After they had all created their costumes, we had a Super menu and each guest was very surprised with either a U.F.O. (mini pizza) or Light Saber (corn dog) for lunch.


Afterwards we had two superhero games. The first being super string power (hit the superman poster with silly string), and the next being super silly actions (name that superhero).


Andrew had a super hero blue cake complete with spiderman on top and never stopped smiling. He was a happy boy.


Things I will most remember about Andrew at this age is his willingness to be obedient, his task oriented mannerisms, his amazing skills on the piano, his flourishing math abilities and amazing, heartfelt prayers at dinner time and also at bedtime.  Happy Birthday my dear sweet boy.


2 responses to “Andrew turns 8

  1. Ditto, Andrew is an amazing.
    Andrew the Amazing,
    conquering evil with righteous choices!

  2. This kid kills me. . . such a goof ball. I love your creativity with the birthday party. . .AND am shocked that there wasn’t a pinata?

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