Melissa Turns The Big 4-0

My friend Melissa turned 40 in September. She hates having her picture taken. She hates birthdays. She hates surprises. So we did all three for her and had a western themed small surprise party for her. I tell her all the time that she is getting to be older than dirt.

All my friends are nearing or have crossed the threshold of 40. Not me. Not for another 7 years. But I feel wrinkled and flubbery.

The party had the best ribs and tri-tip steak you could eat. I felt like a ate an elephant that night. Usually I don’t eat much meat, leaving that for when I am pregnant. But not this night. It was fun!


One response to “Melissa Turns The Big 4-0

  1. Jen Knips Hiser

    Hi Jill! I don’t know if you remember me from King Henry…. I’ve been getting back in touch with people from the “good old days” and checked out your blog! Your friend Melissa looks exactly like my childhood friend Lisa Barber (don’t know her married name) who also lives in Medford. Maybe the same person?? I enjoyed your blog — it’s fun to see what everyone is doing 10 years later! Tell Brian hi… Jen

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