Ethan turns the Terrible Two’s


I love two-year-olds. You take a cup cake, you take a Thomas the Train, you mix in a two-year-old tantrum and you call it a two-year-old birthday party. I had 3 little buddies of Ethan’s over for a birthday celebration (30 minutes in duration…heaven!). They each got a present, they all opened their present (trains), and then had a gourmet cupcake made by the lovely Anne with an ‘e.’


Andrew’s buddy Tanner turns 2 the day after he does and these two couldn’t be any more similar. Give them cars, trains, or books and they are very happy campers. We are so grateful that Tanner and his family moved here.

Ethan then had a family dinner that night with his Nana & Grandpa and Uncle Taylor and Aunt Anne. He and Blaine played hard and then he crashed for the night. For the next several days he could do nothing but tell us all how it was his birthday!


3 responses to “Ethan turns the Terrible Two’s

  1. What cuties!!!! Happy Birthday!!!

  2. so darn cute. i miss you. why haven’t i seen you this week?!

  3. They are so cute…They are going to make some fantastic memories those two.. it wears me out thinking of the memories they will make….hehehe!

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