‘Trunk or Treat’ -OR- ‘How much candy can I get in 20 minutes?’


Ah, trunk or treat! What a great tradition! We line our cars up in the church parking lot and then load up on candy until every trunk is empty. The bonus for parents, having their friends see their church friends without driving them all over town to go trick or treating. You can hit 50 families in 30 minutes. The only problem is the mounds of candy the kids come home with, and it isn’t even halloween!


Lizzie was our little Dorothy. She is using a special halloween bag her piano teacher gave her.


It didn’t take Ethan too long to get the hang of it. Dad took Ethan around and after the first row was pretty much done. Andrew did 30 laps and got 5 pounds of candy. He filled his pumpking container and grabbed his first of two grocery sacks!


My mom got these little pumpkin containers. Aren’t they cute? When I first saw them my teenage mentality said, “They aren’t big enough!” but in the under age 5 category, they’re perfect!


Sophie won the cutest costume award in my eyes! She played the part especially well!


And then, you know, that crazy mom, she looked pretty darn cute too!


3 responses to “‘Trunk or Treat’ -OR- ‘How much candy can I get in 20 minutes?’

  1. I vote that you won the sassiest mom costume that day! All you need is an afro-puff :p

  2. Cute pictures. . .the kids costumes are adorable! Mom’s costume isn’t too bad either =) and I loved the comment on how the pumpkin bags wouldn’t be big enough. . . I don’t know if that’s a teenage mentality or just the Martin mentality =)

  3. totally a martin mentality! Do you remember the bags we used? those were huge!

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