My Long Absence


I recently got a new computer. My old one was on the fritz and I knew the day was coming when I needed to purchase a new one. I delayed as long as possible and now, I am back on track. The new computer is a Mac. I am not unfamiliar with Mac’s but it took me nearly two weeks to transfer the stuff (10,000 pictures-not a joke) over to an external hardrive and then onto my Mac for use in my blog. I am still learning how to import pictures with my Mac so because of that, thought I would give you some funny comments said by my adorable children.

1. Ethan grunting. Brian, “Are you going poop?” Ethan nodding. Brian, “Ethan why don’t you go poop in the potty?” Ethan, “I AM going poop in the potty dad!”

2. Ethan being held by his dad. Ethan points to Brians wrinkled forehead. Ethan pointing to that forehead, “What happened? You got oww wees?”  Brian, “Yeah, from your mommy.”

3. Sophie, while watching Jill dress. “Mom, is my bum going to get as big as yours?”

4. Andrew, after a lesson on the parable of the talents in church this past Sunday, “Isn’t it great that I got the most talents in our family mom?”

5. Lizzy, scolding her sister, “How many times do I have to tell you to pick up your toys? Don’t you ever listen?” Jill, on hearing this, “Where have you heard that Lizzy?” Lizzy’s response, “from you.”


5 responses to “My Long Absence

  1. Glad you’re back–I was beginning to think you’d abandoned me!

  2. Funny! I like the picture too. smiles Danette

  3. Thanks for the laugh!

  4. Okay. . . your kids are FUNNY!!! can’t wait to see you in a few weeks!

  5. PS- welcome back. I was getting tired of the jungle gym post. . . speaking of gym- guess who just got a gym membership. . .decided I should do something before I start to wonder if my bum will get as big as yours =) Totally kidding!

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