Farm Boys

Nana & Grandpa went out of town for a week to North Carolina. While gone, we had the farm chores to do each day. This was Ethan’s favorite activity of the day. We are getting good work out of our two year old. Here are some pics of one of the chores days when he went with his buddy Tanner.

He feeds the cats.


The cats were very happy with his “Martin-size” portions.


He feed the horses apples, oats and hay.



He gathered the chicken eggs.


And he picked up the old apples on the ground from the apple trees.


Grandpa’s salivating for him to grow into his future 6′ 2″  and 250lb body so that he can start workin the hay fields!


4 responses to “Farm Boys

  1. What wonderful memories and pictures, I love them. They are so adorable.

  2. Oh that is so cute. None of your kids are timmid are they? I’m not sure I would have wanted to hand feed a horse by myself at that age!

  3. So Tanner is on my lap looking at these pictures saying “let’s go.” He loves the ranch! Thanks for taking him! We need to plan a future visit…the girls are so jealous!

  4. nettie martin

    Okay. . . Ethan is possibly the coolest kid in Medford. Those pictures of him are so stinkin CUTE! I love him. . . love you. . . love my Hall family.

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