Nana’s English Eggs

One Sunday evening, I wasn’t in the mood to cook as we had had a big lunch with friends. Brian decided he wanted a to have a blast from the past and he had Nana, Grandpa, and Aunt Anne over for English eggs. Roger thought they were just another way to ruin a perfectly good egg but based on the kids response they loved it! We even had the little egg cups for the eggs given to us by Nana Hall. She has quite the collection of these cups at the ranch and we had fun reminiscing about previous English egg meals.


As you can imagine, Andrew wasn’t so interested in English eggs, if it isn’t a nugget, corn dog, piece of bread or a banana he finds it mighty yucky (Yes, we are working on this issue but after forcing one meal down him with the end result being a vomitous mess of corn, we are moving slow but steady.). He instead built legos and Ethan joined along. 102008-legos-002


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