New Play Structure

Two women in their late 70’s bought a home down the street from us that had a huge play structure. They sold it to us for $200. Our good friends Nephi & Richard dismantled it for us and brought it over to our house on their huge flatbed trailer. They wanted to thank Brian for some medical care he had helped them with. Brian then assembled a portion of it in a spot we had created for a play structure. We had to sacrifice the swings and monkey bars but the parts shown are in action. I am going to give it a good coat of stain and call it good! It looks great in the spot too! Ethan thinks the fort is his own play house and loves to climb up in there and just look at the rest of us and what we are doing (usually, Brian working on our shed and I being his sidekick). I will show a final backyard makeover picture set when the shed is completed. We are shooting for Thanksgiving, making this project just shy of 7 months!


6 responses to “New Play Structure

  1. That is going to have many hours of happy memories made on it. Have FUN!

  2. I love it!!! I can already invision lots of fun time spent running, sliding, and digging!

  3. Jill:

    FYI…there is an update on our blog, but my response it just here. As I wrote the initial post, I ended up making a lot of edits and cut a lot out. In doing so I incorrectly said “Tax” plan when I was referring to “Health” plan.

    If it wasn’t apparent from the post, I lean towards McCain. However, I am leery about his plan to move the health care tax subsidy to individuals rather than employers. Some of the general ideologies of it it is nice, but it would be very expensive and would again raise taxes.

    The comment I originally made about the tax plans was saying I am somewhere in between them both. That is an area I feel Barrack goes with what the majority of the population wants to hear since it makes more of a dramatic impact the more money you make, hence appeals to the lower to middle class which makes up the majority of the nation. Anyway, I understand your frustrations with it.

    I tried to keep most of those opinions to a minimum and voice my frustration about the process in general. I understand that is how it is and it probably won’t ever change, but I always have a hard time with those debates…even though I keep watching most of them. It would be refreshing for someone to make a campaign focused on themselves and not so contentious…they just wouldn’t win, though.

    By the way…is there an age limit on the new back yard toy? We still want to come up there next summer so I don’t want to get my hopes up if I am not allowed. It looks strong enough.

  4. It’s so nice! You guys were lucky to get it for that price too — have you priced those?! I love the fort too. How fun.

  5. you guys are going to be the envy of all the neighbor kids. I am afraid my poor kids will never get to have one of those, as my layer husband only sees the liability in things like that. He is no fun!

  6. Happy Birthday Jill! Have a great one!

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