My Girls Start Kindergarten

Lizzy & Sophie started kindergarten in September. Here in Oregon they start the Kindergartners on the Friday of the first week to “ease” them into school. They call it a “slow start.”  If only the district understood my girls were more like hungry wolves craving the great nutrition of education and not lazy cattle slowly chewing their letters like it was some passive non-essential thing. Well, the Friday they started Andrew was with his dad in Seattle watching BYU (currently ranked 8th) beat Washington. Go BYU!

Poor girls, I was hoping big brother Andrew would guide them to their class and make their first big ride ok. Instead, I had a million church members who ride the bus look after them. I made 20 phone calls the night before they were to board the bus making sure there were kids on the bus that would look after them. I felt it important not to tailgate behind the bus or to watch with my binoculars in my minivan as they arrived at the school. They had to grow a little today.

I am also glad they had each other. I debated about sending Sophie to school this year as she makes the deadline by only 9 days. So far it has worked out and she is learning slowly but surely. That 7 months age difference makes a huge difference in abilities. And, 7 months after Lizzy figures something out, Sophie is right there too. But they are good friends to each other at school and have formed a little group of friends that they pal around with.

Ethan waits at the bus stop every morning with them. He gets so excited the moment he sees that bus. He waives good bye. Blows kisses to the scruffy faced, bushy eyed, bus driver Lynn which usually gets a wry smile out of him. And then returns to the house with mom where he bundles up in his blankies in the stroller ready for a walk with Nana and then his precious reading time.

Having never had just one home before during the day I feel like I am on vacation….for the first 30 minutes I am home. Then, Ethan wants to play the rest of the day and nothing get’s accomplished. I rejoice when the girls get off the little kindergarten bus at 11am and rush to the door to see Ethan. Insta-friends! My afternoon time with the girls is largely filled with play dates and homework. I have to do homework with each of them separately as they are so fiercely competitive that they can’t be kind to each other at the table. But it is working and they enjoy the individual attention they get.

Today the girls and I watched old family film footage of them when they were little. We laughed so hard at Lizzy’s large head and Sophie’s blank stare. Even Ethan thought the video was funny as he thought he was the child on screen with little Sophie. We put two pigtails in his hair and yep, you had Lizzy. He kept laughing until he saw Lizzy and Andrew in the tub together and he kept asking where his penis was. (yep, we tell our kids the correct anatomical terms….although for forever Ethan thought his penis was a Tina. Aunt TIna didn’t find this amusing.)

Anyways, the girls are doing great in Kindergarten and another milestone has been met!


5 responses to “My Girls Start Kindergarten

  1. My girls have yet to learn what a TINA is, as the only one around here is kept under tight security! Of course, we prefer it that way… I sent Brooke to Kindergarten this year, too, and I’m so thankful she has Mags with her to help show her the ropes! I finally got a blog– I still like facebook to get in contact w/ old friends, but I want to keep more of a journal, so this should work well. I’ve posted a couple of things, but it will take me a long time to really get caught up. Not only do I have volumes to write, but somewhere between my thoughts forming in my mind and my fingers typing it into the computer, something goes awry, so it takes me a while to get it all out the way I want!

  2. Jill, these pictures are so stinkin cute! I can’t believe how big my girls look! I’m glad that Ethan has finally figured out the correct name for his penis….love it!

  3. nettie martin

    Oh boy. . . I’ve heard of a Peter before but not a Tina! That was funny! Thanks for the laughs. And tell the girls that I’m so proud of them. They’re growing up SO FAST! Can’t wait to see you in just a few weeks!

  4. Last week I talked to Sophie on my birthday. She asked,” Papa, how come you never come with Grammy to visit/” I told her that I had to work and stay at school with the children.” In Sophie’s way, she asked, ” WHY????” I said, ” Because I am the principal.” There was a little pause and she said, ” You are the principal?” and I could see that now she put the dots together and figured out just what Papa does for work. I just hope that she adores her principal like the 1340 kids, their pre-school siblings and their parents… adore Principal Martin… the rubber duckie principal. Public education takes them all. Sometimes I feel like the Statue of Liberty, standing at my door saying, ” Bring me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free…. ” In public ed we teach them all… Dad

  5. And those 1340 kids, sibs, & parents are so lucky to have you! Now that my monkeys are in school, I truly value having good leadership there to mold their little minds! If only all principals were like Papa Martin!

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