Chick Night Out…and we let Ethan be an honorary girl for the night

Brian, Roger, and Andrew made a quick trip to Seattle for the Washington Huskies versus BYU Football game a couple of weeks ago. They had a blast, of course, took no pictures, but came back full of smiles. They even went to the team fireside the night before the game. The only frown was found on my face when I disinfected the odorous (smelly fluffs of air) car that also had crushed chips, pretzels, sticky candies, goo, clothes….etc sprayed throughout. I had to leave the windows down for about 3 days to get the smell to dissappear. It was a toot machine for sure!

While the boys bonded like cavemen, the girls and I (and our honorary girl for the night Ethan) went to Holmes park for a “High School Musical” party. My friend Tracey had gotten a box of assorted high school musical stuff given to her from one of her family members. She let Rachel throw a party complete with High School musical chairs, cheerleading, singing, playing on the play structure, pizza dinner, and of course, nail painting. The kids had a blast and came away with prizes including H.S.M. t-shirts, stickers, posters, and the CD. Boy did we feel special. The only incident was when Ethan won a t-shirt and was so excited he put it on to show his dad, who was none too pleased to see his son in a pink t-shirt.


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