Sophie turns 5

Yep, I really did it, I splurged and hosted a birthday at a location. No 79 cent Betty Crocker Cake, no 5 dollar pinata, I reserved the Train Park.

I let Sophie invite all her little girl friends and their siblings and for 2 straight hours we went around and around this 10 acre complex oohing and aaawing. Loved it!


Then, we ate Costco sheet cake, opened presents, threw trash in the can, and walked away. No mess….no stress..

Best party ever EXCEPT FOR ONE THING….when inviting 20 kids (because we want to get our money’s worth and invite everyone)….remember to write “no gifts please” on the invite, or your child gets more gifts than she would have for then next 4 years.


2 responses to “Sophie turns 5

  1. I so wish we could have been there. Have you heard about parties where instead of gifts, the family asks you to bring an item to donate? You could do food, or some other thing for a cause. I think that’s a brilliant idea. I bet her haul was something to behold.

  2. That’s what I like to hear. . . the Martin in ya. . .”Getting our money’s worth”. Your momma raised your right =)

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