Handsome Little Guy

Some people look at my Andrew and can’t envision that he was ever a little cherub that I thought was so squishy that he would pop (check out the umbilical hernia as evidence he did pop). I just remember his big brown eyes that would so solemnly stare back at me. People who saw him would ask if he was a sad child. No, not sad, but clearly a bit more astute at what his surroundings were about. He has a special spirit


 As he grew the cherub body melted away and hair began to grow.

Teeth were lost.



And muscles were made. Andrew wanted pictures of his “12 pack.”

Here you go my boy…and what a handsome boy at that!


3 responses to “Handsome Little Guy

  1. Ohhhhh how I LOVE this boy. . . It’s crazy to think that he is almost 8 years old! I think that *POP* belly button picture is one of my favorites. Tell Andrew that he his Aunt Nettie think he has bigger muscles than his daddy =)

  2. Oh my gosh i love this kid! I miss him wanting to build my bed for our sleepovers! Tell him i love him so much and miss him! PS i just got my card! the kids drawings make me so happy! and sophie with her backward “S” haha totally reminds me of when andrew would write his name mirrored. Love you all!

  3. Oh man those pictures bring back the memories. Poking Andrews belly button feeling the intestines squish back in. Watching his hair go oh so so slowly. Changing his diapers as he peed all over me… and now he’s almost a strong muscular 8 year old. WOW does time fly!

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