Our Exciting Trip to the Library

Ah, so cute, look at my little munchkins sitting at the little chairs at the library reading books and look, they even are checking out some books, 12 total. Wow, what a great mom I am, so good to take my kids to the public library. Medford didn’t have libraries 6 months ago as they can’t figure out how to fund them other than timber money from the federal government. Makes me wonder why the rest of the country has figured it out but they haven’t.

Now, before you start thinking about how horrible you all are as mothers because you aren’t as cool as I am and take your kids to the library let’s hear the truth from Jill.

1. This is our first trip to the library in 3 years.

2. It has been our last trip to the library too.

3. Yep, I’m lame.

4. Good thing we have a good bit of books at home the kids enjoy. Got to get reading more.


2 responses to “Our Exciting Trip to the Library

  1. Oh my gosh… could that little Ethan of yours be any cuter! I think not! It was so fun to see you while I was home! I know I can always count on you for weird late night favors! I know you can’t get on my blog (my mom told me) and so can’t a lot of other people. Boo. So I’m in the process of fixing the problem. I’ll email you with the new info when it’s ready. Until then, if you don’t use Firefox for your browser, it may help if you download the newest version of that. It helped my mom. Or just wait.

    Ok. I’ve loved all your new posts!

  2. It probaby takes so long to get libraries in Medford because they need to be super fancy for all you Medford types! That’s one nice looking place for books. Our library is at the high school and so it’s only open after 4:00. Not the most ideal time to head out with the kids!

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