Moonlighting as a Barber

Prior to leaving to start a PhD in Idaho, my brother-in-law Steven asked his brother to cut his hair. He had been wearing a very cute surfer shaggy hair style and was ready for a change. Brian, of the military crew cut preference, helped give him that clean look Steven was requesting. Brianne and I watched with a little bit of fear as to what would appear after the cut.

First Brian gave him the reverse mohawk… 

Then we all said goodbye to the mullet…

Then, some final detail work and Steven was looking schnazzy…

But I told Brian to keep his day job.


4 responses to “Moonlighting as a Barber

  1. I had no idea that Steven was doing a PhD in Idaho. That’s so great.

  2. I had no idea he was in Idaho either. How come no one tells us anything!!!

  3. And there it is. I kind of like the shaggy hawk.

  4. Steven,

    I like it… looks like old time..i.e. when you came to our home after the mission…. good luck in the Phd. program.

    Papa Martinez

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