Cousin Fun

Liz & crew came into town for some R&R at the Hall family spa. She indulged in free babysitting, good organic food, built in play dates, morning glory breakfasts, and some recreation at the cabin and on the Rogue River in a raft. Our favorite activity was the nightly sleepover with one of her children which my children thoroughly enjoyed as they were able to feast on popcorn, soda, and candy nightly for 10 straight days!!!


Of course, what is a cousin get together without a pinata for the cousins with birthdays (Jon & Sophie)

Here is the pre-pinata picture.

Aunt Jill introduced them to real processed food including mac-n-cheese.

The trio helped me decorate cupcakes (shhhhh…don’t tell the other cousins we weren’t necessarily all that hygenic).


One response to “Cousin Fun

  1. oh man jill! ethan just is so big! when did he grow up? i’ve been gone a month and now he’s a little man

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