Summer Olympics

I, like most of you, was glued to my TV during the broadcast of the Olympics. I couldn’t get enough swim, basketball, beach volleyball, and gymnastics. I loved it. When I was a junior in highschool my dream was to be on the women’s olympic basketball team. Good thing nobody had the heart to tell my you have to be preordained at birth, spend thousands of dollars to be on “special” teams, and practice nothing but basketball to be at that level of play. I couldn’t have made BYU’s practice team let alone the Olympics. But I had a dream. My little girls have a dream of swimming across the pool. You know what, I am going to provide every opportunity for them to fullfill their dream, which is easy when Nana has a pool. We will see what their future lofty ambitions bring them….maybe a doctor and an entymologist (sp?)…or maybe a dallas cowboy chearleader and an american idol…or maybe two wonderful moms which beats an olympic basketball player anyday.


One response to “Summer Olympics

  1. Wow, when you catch up you go all out! Of course, I wouldn’t expect any less from you! I’ve been loving reading about your summer.

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