Chelsea Slumber Parties

Dear Chelsea,

The children complained last night that I am no fun. They want you back. Who else has fun slumber parties with them every night and decorated their arms with body art and then tells them to hide it from their mommy? I have now had to revert to changing every diaper of Ethans, even the poopy ones. My house takes hours to clean instead of saying you clean it while I eat bon bons and watch TV. I have to hire babysitters now and can no longer just run an errand without putting 4 munchkins in the minivan with me. And worst of all, I don’t even know which channels ran that hair cut show or that fashion show, was it TLC, HGTV? Who else is going to surf channels for me?


P.S. Thanks for the sweat note. I am now going to include your “Top 10 reasons I forgot why I love Oregon!!!”

1. Honey and chicken nuggets (who knew?)

2. The endless stomachs your kids have (Andrew & 5 eggs, Lizzy & 4 chili cheese, Sophie & 10 chicken nuggets).

3. Pippy Longstocking inspired mopping

4. The never ending project list

5. Having something to offer now (bailing hay, painting, making jam, and chili cheese burritos)

6. Ethan wearing sunglasses at church

7. Doing 2 loads of laundry a day is normal

8. Never having soap in the bath tub

9. Andrew’s cross from bible camp completely decorated with sparkles nad feathers

10. Listening to the “Sound of Music” tape over and over and over in Roger’s suburban!



One response to “Chelsea Slumber Parties

  1. Ah Jill…. Thanks haha I miss ya’ll so much. i show everyone here my picture of ethan wearing glasses and say happy day. College boys may be fun and all but nothing like chilling with the kids every night. love ya so much and feel free to call me down here in the land of suds…

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