1st Cut of Hay 2008

Each summer we now have the opportunity of helping Roger & Rozanne with their hay crop. We really do love it. There is nothing like working outdoors overlooking the beautiful views from this farm and sweating a little bit. But, being a hay farmer means that you have to really work at timing the cut of that first crop of hay. This is complicated by even the lightest of potential rain falls. Wet hay can devalue the hay by half. And, the first crop of Hall hay was further complicated by a late cut because of vacations/work schedules. But, when all was said and done, we loved being out there in mid-June. There were approximately 2000 bales that were created and we put nearly all of them in the barn ourselves! There is no better memory than seeing Nana driving the tractor while Roger, Brian and I load the trailor. This year we also benefitted from Steven’s help, Mike & Ezra’s help, and we won’t be forgetting how Sam Cloward persevered through a horrendous bout of hay fever, allergies, and asthma. This all occurring from the moment he first started to load hay. It didn’t stop him, even though he was miserable.



I hope that this continues to be a wonderful experience for my kids to participate in as they grow older. They really learn what hard work is and truthfully, working together as a family makes us stronger and deepens our feelings for one another. The 2nd cut is just around the corner. By labor day it will all be completed…and then we will be dreaming about the next June’s cut again.


5 responses to “1st Cut of Hay 2008

  1. I wish we were a little closer so we could help. I know Jason would love it!

  2. nettie martin

    Yay! I love the post. I know that I’d for sure be the first to volunteer to drive the tractor! Love the picture of Chelsea hanging off the tractor and the one with Rosanne and the kids- is Andrew wearing a fireman’s hat? We need to get that kid a real cowboy hat =) Love ya sis!

  3. Michelle Herzog

    Jill & Brian,
    We love the blog and what great pictures!

    We would love to come next June to help with the hay cutting also! 🙂

    We love you guys!

    – Michelle , Doug , Matthew

  4. I’m so glad you posted. We’ve been missing you. Maybe we’ll have to come out one summer to teach our kids the value of hard work!

  5. Papa Martinez

    No me da sopresa viendo mis hijos trabajando tan fuerte in the granja. Tienen la abilidad de trabajar fuerte y es parte de su herencia y queda mucho en la sangre. Soy tan feliz que aprendieron como trabajar en la casa nuestra. Todos los hermanos saben bien como trabajar. Tambien para nosotros seria bien de vivir mas cerca para ayudar, pero siempre es muy especial de visitarles para ver la familia, especialmente los nietos. Como siempre… que Dios les bendiga!

    Con much carino… Papa Martinez

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