Growing Things

With our newly remodeled backyard we now have 3 grow boxes for a summer garden. Now, living near the infamous Hall family garden means that there is not much that needs be grown since Nana and Grandpa have this down to a science. But, the kids have really enjoyed going out and checking our little garden. I am proud to say that I am successfully growing potatos, zucchini, onions, and a pumpkin. I am unsuccessfuly growing bell peppers, beans, and the carrots are dead. It’s a start right?

We also planted several little shrubs and and plants in a little island in our backyard (pictures forthcoming). It looks wonderful and all of these plants were dwarf plants/shrubs thereby lending themselves to staying small and cute. Sophie came with Nana and I shopping for plants at a local nursery that has a koi pond. Sophie loved watching the fish. She quipped, Nana, get your camera and take a picture (obviously both Nana and I have cameras at all time for all things and all places). And of course, we took pictures.


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