Soccer Coach Hall

I coached Andrew’s soccer team this year with my good friend Tracey. We went undefeated in both the fall and spring league’s. Rumors went around that we were elite soccer athletes and that we had been performing additional training and soccer camps with our kids to ensure our top spot in the league. Rumors also went around that all of our kids were from rich families and they paid extra for all these “perks” to our team. When Tracey and I heard these rumors we just roared! If they only knew the truth that Tracey had never played a day of organized soccer, I played in High School and on a few intramural teams in college, and that our team was not made up of rich kids, in fact, we went to the lengths of picking up a few kids from their daycares en route to practice. Tracey and I would like to think that our stellar coaching and practices was what lead to our success…truth is the boys were just athletically gifted. The only thing unique about our coaching was that it was not uncommon for one of us to be in a skirt when arriving at the game…very un-soccer coach like!


3 responses to “Soccer Coach Hall

  1. Nettie Martin

    I don’t know. . . those kids look like pretty elite? Okay. . . this post kills me! I love the picture of all the kids surrounding Ethan! So cute!!!

  2. Ok sister that is so hilarious….. If they only knew your coaching ability. After all you are the gifted child in the family. 🙂 I hope to see you at BEAR LAKE!!!!

  3. I’m still cracking up about Tracey in her skirt! HILARIOUS!!

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