Lego Maniac

Andrew has made an amazing assortment of vehicles, spaceships, forts, and other lego creations over the years. He doesn’t have an end to his creativity. Recently, while trying to keep him from bugging his sisters, I told him he had 2 minutes to make a creation out of legos. I set the timer and the end result was that Andrew made a “Lego Buddy.”


3 responses to “Lego Maniac

  1. lovelydainty

    I’m glad you’re back. We’ve missed you around here.

  2. Russell Martin

    Jill, Andrew is amazing to build that in two minutes. I was just in awe that he imagine that up that quick and the way it look is increadible. Keep that creativity flowing he can become very smart at problem solving and have alot of inovative idea for the future. Love ya sis.

  3. nettie martin

    Haha. . .I love this! Our Lego Maniacs make me so happy. And. . . am I surprised that you told him he had two minutes to do this. As kids you’d always get us excited to do chores because we had only 5 minutes to get them done? Ohhhhh. . . the things you had us do. I love it!

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