Another Utah Vacation….and wedding!

For 3 years we have lived in Oregon and, with few exceptions, the only vacation time Brian has taken off, has been trips to Utah, usually for weddings or trips to Bear Lake. He also has the blessed opportunity each summer to spend a week at scout camp. So, a 5th Martin wedding was on the schedule this time around and we went the week prior to the wedding to focus the majority of our time with my family. On the road there, within the first hour, Elizabeth began the, “Are we there yet?” questions. Then Sophie chimed in. Brian, to their delight, promised treats at each gas station if they could hold their urine for each 3 hour segment, and McDonalds in Winnemucca. It was a very long day which didn’t start until 10am as we left a day early after Brian rounded on patients in the hospital. Brian, after being patient for 8 of the very long hours with the kids, blurted out, “Why do you like going to Grammie’s so much?” Andrew’s reply, “I like her swingset and being pushed by Grammie.” Sophie’s reply was to see Teddy. Brian quipped, “Well Jill, that settles it, to save on these long road trips let’s buy a swingset and get a dog! 


Once we arrived, the kids were in heaven. They never had to leave the house with so many aunts and grammie to entertain them. Chuck-E-Cheese was one of their only outings…along with many trips to Costco with Grammie. The kids had fun playing in the backyard, building forts, taking Teddy for walks around the cul-de-sac, and Grammie’s chicken nuggets.

Ethan loved playing with all of Grammie’s toys and yep, even in the family room with a TV you could find the kids picking up my sister Chelsea’s crazy habit of watching a movie on a little portable DVD player.

Because of the timing of our trip we were able to see my sister Michelle graduate from graduate school at the University of Utah. This was followed by dinner at Chili’s. The most comical part of the night was cramming us all down this very long table and yep, lots of noise as we Martin’s are famous for. Everyone was fighting to be heard!

Then, the happy day arrived and my beautiful, wonderful, cheerful, fantastic, sexy sister Michelle wed Andrew Cardon, who we all adore. We were hoping these two would tie the knot as we liked him so much and they seamed so happy together.

Ethan had very little patience for the days events but was happy to be in his dad’s arms. Lizzie and Sophie just wanted to follow their Aunt Michelle around like little princess helpers. The day couldn’t have turned out more beautiful, although the temperature was slightly chilly in the 50’s. Despite this, we were thrilled there was no snow (like the day before), or rain to dampen the days festivities, including an outdoor wedding at my folks house.

Yep, only Michelle could get me in a flourescent pink dress. I have to admit. The colors were beautiful. My kids also looked so adorable.

Michelle wed Andrew in the Jordan River Temple. My parents then put on the luncheon in their church cultural hall. Andrew wanted to ride his scooter to the church so we drove slowly watching him push his scooter the 1/2 mile distance.

The biggest shock at the luncheon was when Brian stood up to roast Andrew a bit. Now, we all know that Brian isn’t one to draw attention to himself and rarely speaks to public gatherings, but he couldn’t let this opportunity pass without extending his congratulations to the new married couple.

My mom made the wedding cake and as usual did a fantastic job. The turnout was amazing especially considering this was only one side of the family as Andrew’s family was from Arizona. The line extended out the back yard for most of the night.

Our trip was so much fun and sadly came to an end too quickly. Fortunately, I am in the midst of packing for another trip to Utah this coming Friday, this time a Hall family reunion. Brian can barely stomach thinking about the drive again, this time in a rental as I had my first car accident this past week. But, as usual, I can’t get to Utah fast enough and am so excited to wrap my arms around my nieces and nephews, and my mommy and daddy!


3 responses to “Another Utah Vacation….and wedding!

  1. Your sister looks great – I love her colors. It sounds like you guys had a great time. I loved Brian’s comment about the dog and swing set – he’s so funny. Have fun in Utah this week.

  2. nettie martin

    Ohhhhhh. . . I hope I get to see you this week even if it’s just for a few minutes. Call me so we can make it happen. I love this post! I remember being TOTALLY surprised with Brian getting up at the luncheon =) and he WOULD say “let’s get a dog and swing set”. Hold off as long as possible. I love the picture of Sophie and Teddy.

  3. lovelydainty

    Michelle looks gorgeous! I’m so happy that you guys hd a great vacation. I’m jealous of your upcoming Utah reunion.

    p.s. Hope you’re alright after the accident

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