Hammy the Hamster

We now have a new family member…..no….no pregnancy…..no additional crazy kids….wishful thinking! But, we have Hammy, the Hamster!!! Elizabeth caught a lizard one day in the yard. Brian and Lizzie were so excited he proceeded to buy a cage, heat lamp and lava rock. Then, after some thought, felt more comfortable if we let the “wild” lizard go and bought a “safe” lizard from the pet shop. Well, upon arrival to buy a lizard (complete with all 3 kids), he was dismayed that the cost of the lizard was 80$. Hammy the Hamster was $9.99. The choice was simple. This poor hamster has put up with all of the kids antics and still continues to be a star. He does not bite, does not shed, his cage has only needed cleaning once in 3 months, and I have only refilled his food once too! Seriously, the perfect pet. Hammy only spends time in his cage at night. During the days, he rests in Lizzie’s hands or on another childs shoulders. He has survived dozens of falls, a mishap with a scooter, and Elizabeth’s constant attention. He also made two trips to preschool to be the “Show” of all tells!

The only excitement Hammy has caused was the day he was left unattended in Lizzie’s room (she thought he was safe). He dissappeared, we thought for good, but appeared around 2 am trying to get out of a heat vent and I happened to hear him. Let me tell you the joy that appeared on Lizzie’s face that morning (an Brian’s too as he envisioned holes found everywhere in the house).

This is a baby step towards a bigger animal….maybe a guinea pig….or a pig for the ranch grandpa?


2 responses to “Hammy the Hamster

  1. Joshua’s wanting a dog – maybe we can convince him to get a hamster instead!

  2. nettie martin

    Ohhhhh. . . I was just thinking. When Hammy dies Sophie will walk around and say “Hammy died”. . . just like she does whenever we talk about Melon. hahaha. . . . that’s all she’ll say for weeks. You better hope Hammy lives a LONG TIME =)

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