Brian’s Pear Blossum Run

Brian all the sudden decided he was going to be a runner and run the 10 mile Pear Blossum race. I laughed at the prospects, knowing full well the last time he had attempted running was right before we got married and he wanted to get skinny before the honeymoon (which he did by the way), so that he was a handsome groom.

Anyways, he started with his initial jog being downhill to his mother’s house (.5 miles away). He jogged to her house in 15 minutes, was exhausted, and had her bring him home that first day. He proceeded to repeat this drill 3 times weekly, eventually, getting to the 1 mile distance….then 2 miles….then a long jog on the weekends of 3-5 miles. Then, low and behold, he was doing 8 mile distances.

Truth be told, I was a little stunned. The best part about it was his attitude. He was happier and felt better after jogging. The only bummer was that his knee began hurting at long distances, but that didn’t stop him.

He completed the Pear Blossum run in 1 hour 31 minutes. His overall rank was 562/987 and his division rank was 57/78.  He was smiling from ear to ear! He now has his heart set on competed in the half marathon in Bend next month. Hopefully all goes well and he is able to just do it!

Above group picture: His jogging buddies. #467 ran the boston marathon and also ran the pear blosum in 56 minutes. Brian’s next goal is 70 minutes!


2 responses to “Brian’s Pear Blossum Run

  1. Way to go Brian!

  2. nettie martin

    Holy Cow! I didn’t know Brian had it in him =) hehe. . . JK! Good Job B!

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