Tree Work


This past winter we had several snow storms that toppled trees at the ranch. The end result has been many hours put in primarily by Roger but also Rozanne and Brian cutting up these toppled trees into moveable pieces. This tree in particular crushed part of Rogers irrigation tubing. Even though there was some damage, I have to admit I think Roger liked the excuse to have to use the tractor.


Our family went out to take a look at the project and got some complementary tractor rides. Here are my blondies!


This past week on Thursday I had a group of friends out to the ranch to see the cows, chickens, and horses. It was Rogers first day off and he had mowed all of the grasses and was working on a section by the barn when we arrived. He was wonderful and made my day by saddling up Splash and taking all 16 kids for pony rides. Roger you are my hero! Everyone had a blast and loved the baby cows, held chickens and played with the horses. Right now with the spring weather and lush green grass it is just about as close to heaven as you can get out at the ranch. Pictures are forthcoming!


2 responses to “Tree Work

  1. Holy jillion posts, Jill! How great is it to be able to take the friends on a field trip like that? I am sort of amazed thinking about my dad and 16 kids on the pony. Can’t wait to see you guys in a couple of weeks!

  2. nettie martin

    Haha. . . Roger is a champ! and so is Splash =)

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