Easter Morning


Easter this year was not as exciting for my kids as usual. I…er…the Easter Bunny didn’t hide the eggs hard enough (although a few have been found in the last week). The Easter Bunny even left a note complete with a clue for the kids to help them find their baskets and Andrew basically solved each riddle. Nana was given strict orders by the Easter Bunny to not gorge herself on jelly beans and, much to her dismay, she couldn’t help herself. Grandpa and Dad didn’t make it to  most of the morning festivities, claiming sleep was more important.


I did do one brilliant thing this year that will become a tradition: I did not buy easter grass for my baskets and yep, that made my cleaning a whole lot easier. The kids were even good with their wrappers. The easter bunny left them a toy-a squirt gun and yep, even that is not messy as water evaporates!


All I can say is the Easter Bomb will be going off at my mom’s house in just a little over a week and then….party/candy time!



One response to “Easter Morning

  1. nettie martin

    T minus 6 days and counting!!!! I CAN’T WAIT!

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