Easter Egg Hunt at the Eagars

Traditionally, we go to an Easter egg hunt at our good friends the Degraw’s every year. This year, the hunt ended up being on the day we were at the coast with my sister and her fiance. That left a hunt for the medical alliance we belong to here in town but we ended up getting rained out at that event. The kids were dissappointed that we were not going to go to an Easter egg hunt this year and I comforted them with the knowledge that Grammie Martin in Utah was going to have an Easter egg hunt for them. Then, friday night of Easter weekend I got a phone call from my mother-in-law’s good friend Debbie Eagar. She invited us to her home for an Easter egg hunt and barbeque. The weather cooperated and the kids had a ball. Even Ethan figured out the benefits of collecting eggs.


The kids all got a ton of candy and they all had happy faces!


One response to “Easter Egg Hunt at the Eagars

  1. nettie martin

    I can’t wait for the easter egg hunts (notice how that’s plural- I’m sure that the kids will have one each day!).

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