Lithia Park

Lithia Park in the springtime doesn’t get much more beautiful. I wish I could explain in greater detail how flourescent all of the colors are. My sister Michelle and her fiance Andrew graced us with their presence a couple of weeks ago. My younger (twin) sister Christina also manipulated her college coursework to come for the 5 day break and we had a ball!


Single and Sexy! Any takers?

32008-lithia-park-with-andrew-and-michelle-006.jpg Taken off the market! Marriage May 2nd!

 While Andrew was at school we took the younger three and explored Lithia park. The girls loved the little water features, the playground, the endless hikes, and critters encountered.


I took attempts at being a professional photographer for their engagement pictures (j/k). I just happened to get some great photos of them.


I keep thinking about how our family has changed in the past 3 years, 4 new in-laws, a new grandbaby on the way, a move to Oregon, etc. The  thing is, it hasn’t changed my wonderful relationship with my siblings. We still all love each other and wish we saw more of each other. I look forward to more Martin partying in May at the wedding and many more sibling treks to Oregon to hang out with their elder sister.



3 responses to “Lithia Park

  1. So fun to have sisters visiting. And I agree that Lithia Park is wonderful!
    Congrats to Michelle – how exciting. We’re heading to Denver next week for another wedding ourselves!

  2. nettie martin

    Makes me want to jump in my car right now and see ya! but I’ll wait because it’s only 3 1/2 weeks away till I’ll see you here in Utah! Yay!!!

  3. Hey sister announcement: Brett and I are thinking of coming out in May. Another sister visit. Love the “Gaggle ” of sister. Thanks for being so great!

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