My Favorite Cowboy


There is this little boy in our neighborhood whom I absolutely adore. His name is Adam and he loves to play dressup just like my kids. Each day he comes down from his bedroom clad in some different costumed character that he plans on being for the day. Most often, he is a cowboy. One day, he and his mother came to pick up my girls for a play date. He came complete with his horse, boots and loving hat. He told to girls to saddle up. Lizzie rolled her eyes and hissed at him. Sophie gladly put on her cowboy boots and then the two of them trotted up the hill to his home-THE ENTIRE WAY! I just love Adam and hope he continues to “date” my girls. Who knows, tomorrow they might be going to outer space or they might be on his tricycle batmobile fighting bad guys!


4 responses to “My Favorite Cowboy

  1. okay. . . that is stinkin cute!

  2. and so fashion forward with the boots and flirty little skirt…

  3. So sister……I love this picture . I can just imagine Lizzy hissing at the boy. And sure enough Sophie is the first to ride on his horse in the whole get-up. I’m impressed with your blogs….I’ve decided i’m not the blogger.

  4. Cyndi Cannon

    Jill, your blog has now been forwarded to Adam’s relatives as well. Thanks. I still can’t believe those two had the patience to trot/hobble up the entire hill. Adam wore leiderhosen to school on Friday, and was a mountain climber. Today, he grabbed a towel and a rope for me to tie around his head, so he could be a biblical jew (all the Easter talk). Where was Sophie? She would have been a great Mary Magdalene.

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