Hot Tub Time!


One day last month when the kids didn’t have school we went to my friend Janet’s home for a little lunch and visiting. The visit was not considered complete until the kids had been in the hot tub. They loved it and then proceeded to get out and run around in the back yard soaking wet. The temperature could not have been higher than 50 degrees but that didn’t seem to bother them.  I put Ethan in his swimming suit and proceeded to take him out to the tub when a cool wind hit his naked tummy and he freaked out he was so cold. No amount of encouragement was going to get him to go in the hot tub. He is a little scared of water. I am grateful. I hope it lasts all summer. Nothing scares me more than swimming pools and kids. I am sure lucky to have sisters willing to come for part of the summer to help chaperone the kids in the pool. I hope the gravy train continues at least one more year.


2 responses to “Hot Tub Time!

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if Chelsea did come out? If Tina had her way she’d got to Ukraine AND Oregon? We’ll see. . . you can talk to her about it tomorrow when they get to your house. So sad I’m not going.

  2. You should start a little kids gone wild! Let them get it all out before they get to be spring break age!!

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