The Joy of Flowers


The pictures I took of this Amaryllis do not do it justice. It was absolutely gorgeous. My friend Lisa gave this flower to our family and much to our delight we watched as the leaves and bloom emerged from the bulb. Then, we were excited to see a second bloom emerge. I kept it right behind my sink and loved watching its new growth each day. To have two blooms was pretty exciting too. My mother in law always gives us in the fall a glass container with Paper White bulbs all ready to go and the girls and I have always loved watching them grow too. There is nothing like a little bundle or pot or glass with flowers in it to make your day. Brian actually got me a beautiful vase with fresh flowers in it for Valentines. It was so needed especially that week and I have truly enjoyed it as I pass by it going to and fro in my home. I have been trying to decide which flowers I love best. For indoors, I truly enjoy a mix of flowers. Outdoors, I love pansies for the fact that they are so hardy and add color for such a long duration. I really do enjoy paper whites and a good amaryllis. They too are enjoyable because you watch their growth. Is there anyone who doesn’t like a flower? I would guess if you have XX chromosomes you just love them.



2 responses to “The Joy of Flowers

  1. Thanks for this post, Jill. I truly love flowers. I am excited that spring is coming to our valley. I saw an open daffodil yesterday and lots more coming. Now if the deer would just leave my pansies alone!

  2. I agree. I love flowers…any kind or color. Oh I wish I had a yard!

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