Surprise Snow in Medford

When Medford gets snow it is quite the shocker to the city. Even if it is just a trace amount it disrupts everyday life here. For example, 1 inch fell overnight and they cancelled school in January, primarily because busses cannot get up into our neighborhoods to get kids because it is too slick. Well, you should have seen the shock Medford got when on a Sunday they received 8 inches of snow within 6 hours. I felt like I was back in good old Utah! This occured while we were at church and they sent us home early. We couldn’t get our minivan home and so we parked at the base of our neighbor hood and hiked home each with a child on our back (Brian had two). But my how pretty it was while it lasted (all of 3 days before completely melted)


I took thte liberty of shoveling our sidewalks which I have always enjoyed. Nobody else did this as they knew it would melt by the next day (which it did) but no one fell down at our house.


Andrew went sledding down the street. This was super fun!


Ethan just had to be out in the mix of it all and he sat content in a chair all bundled up.


Lizzie enjoyed helping me with the snow (note the fact she has her red cowboy boots on and pj’s).


Sophie just wanted to be dragged around on a sled (note she was using rain boots along with Andrew as their mode of warmth).


The next day Andrew attempted to build a snowman but the snow was so heavy it ended up being a snow fort where we had some great snowball battles. Not how clear the roads are just 24 hours later.


It was sure nice for the kids to play in and would you believe that we were at the park 2 weeks later?

Love the Medford weather.


3 responses to “Surprise Snow in Medford

  1. Oh my goodness! That is crazy! 8 inches! I love the kids apparel. . . it made me smile. I can’t believe how fast it melted to. . . crazy crazy!

  2. Holy smokes, it is such a trip to see Medford looking like that. I suppose we will be thrilled to have snow when we live there (esp. that fast-melting kind!), but for now I am just DONE with it! Just in the last couple of days we can see grass again, and it is eye candy!

  3. I think my hubby’s baby brother was in Medford on his mission for awhile. Elder Chamberlain. Congrats on the snow. This part of Utah rarely sees it. Found your blog from someone’s blogroll.

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