Lizzie turns 5!


Elizabeth is now officially 5 years old. She had her 5 year old shots. She gets to go to kindergarten. She thinks she is just a few years from driving (this is an 11 year stretch). She is now many more years older and wiser, or at least a know-it-all.


She is so darn cute and we are just a few years from teenagedom (I am declaring this a word). She had a wonderful party complete with….of course….a pinata and lots of candies to decorate cupcakes with. She was very happy. The only problem, we forgot to sing “Happy Birthday” much to her dismay and so Nana and I gave a duet performance to her after her party was over, which she said was “ok.” We aren’t winning any Tony’s anytime soon. Elizabeth may win one soon though with the exaggerated performance of a tear-fest at the end of her party. This occured when she realized another child had accidentally taken her pinata candy bag and no amount of make-up candy would fix this disaster. Nana saved the day with an emergency trip to Dollar Tree where she was able to get the candies of her choice. What would we do without Nana, Dollar Tree and TJ Max?

I love you Elizabeth.



3 responses to “Lizzie turns 5!

  1. Holy smokes, 5! I remember holding her as a baby…and that didn’t seem like 5 years ago! She is a total doll. I love her cute braids! You are so lucky to live by a “nana” I wish my mom lived near to celebrate with us!

    p.s. I’ve never been to your house, can I come over and see it next time I’m home? Those windows look amazing!!!

  2. Ok, Jill, I’m going to have to confess to lurking on your blog (and totally enjoying the reading material), because not only were your little dramatic, blonde Lizzy and my little dramatic, blonde Livvy born just days apart, but apparently so were you and I! I think our daughters (and their mothers) need a playdate!

  3. That pic of Mom and Lizzy is SO beautiful. They both have the most darling smiles!

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