Living Within Your Means


This is Brian’s wallet. He was given it by my grandparents at their 50th wedding anniversary nearly 10 years ago. This wallet is finally being retired this year. My parents got him a new wallet from JC Penney’s for his birthday. The funny thing is that for as worn as this wallet looks, you would have expected Brian had used it quite a bit. But truthfully, he is not the spender.

We had a little shock with our last credit card bill, and the primary culprit (as usual) was me. Brian was justifiably mad with my shopping sprees. Based on the statement, you could see where and what I did everyday of the week in the month of December.

 So, we decided that we would make a very conscious effort to save money, avoid frivolous spending, shop for groceries no more than twice weekly, and overall be cost conscious.  I also pulled my kids out of all athletic/dance activities. This has lead to a wide open calender with nothing going on.

 I have learned that I was addicted to Fred Meyer, Target, and all things kid related. This has been a hard reality check for me. I am trying to be better and am learning to work within a budget. Still, our new credit card bill wasn’t perfect but I am more conscious of what I spend. Brian was proud of me and I am definitely going to try to live more within my means.

 The best thing about about this little wakeup call is that it forces me to stay home more often instead of being out spending money. And believe it or not, after quite an adjustment, I am really liking being home all day. I even kind of like cooking more because I am not rushing in from some event.

Now, don’t envision me out spending thousands of dollars, but 20 dollars here and there start to add up quickly. And now, I am taking note.


4 responses to “Living Within Your Means

  1. I kind of love beat up old wallets. I think they look cool.

    This made me laugh because I always envied your get-up-and-go energy. I hate going to the store and have to drag myself out of the house. Don’t get me wrong…I still spend too much money on frivolous things…but I am impressed with people who just go go go all day long. I am sure you will find new fun ways to channel your fabulous energy!

  2. Good for you, Jill. I would do better to be more concious of those $20 here and there as well. I am excited that we’ll be living there soon. You and I can learn to cook together!

  3. Jill- i have to be honest. I’ll be missing those days where you’d just give me your credit card and send me off to the store with the girls…. even if it was just to albertsons. but way to be! you’ve done something i know i’ll never be able to do. haha

  4. I can’t wait to see next months blog. . . I know you too well! hahaha. . .JK! I’m sure you’ll be able to keep it up.

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