Ethan and Blaine

These two adorable boys are cousins.


For comparisons:

1. Born the same year

2. Same eye color

3. Both walk

4. Both have boogers

5. Both like to have their hands in their mouths

6. Nearly the same height

7.  Both love Nana

8. Both love Grandpa and his ranch

For contrast:

1. Ethan’s diapers are bigger

2. So is his head

3. Blaine is GAP boy

4. Ethan is Hand-me-down boy

5. Blaine says boob

6. Ethan says baba

7. Blaine gets lots of haircuts

8. Ethan prays for hair

9. Blaine eats real food

10. Ethan processed

11. Blaine’s parents are Barbie and Ken

12. Ethan’s are Homer and Marge

Aren’t they cute, I can’t wait to see them play together when they are older.


7 responses to “Ethan and Blaine

  1. VERY CUTE, they are both so wonderful! What a cute post – I have more adorable photos of both of them of course!

  2. You’re so funny! Cute boys.

  3. You guys are not Homer and Marge! You guys are like the Huxtables!

  4. This whole thing is hilarious, but I didn’t actually laugh out loud until “Homer and Marge”, which I agree with Sarah about, but it was still so, so funny. Brian is a little like Homer, except a smart, successful Homer — is that even possible?

  5. That was hillarious! There is nothing better than a baby with chubby rolls. 🙂

  6. You are hilarious! I love this!

  7. So funny and so clever, Jill. There’s not a trace of Marge in you, you don’t give yourself enough credit.

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