Top 10 Things I loved about Christmas 2007

These are the things that I absolutely loved about Christmas:

1. This note that Andrew wrote for Santa that he placed under the Christmas tree.


2. Homemade Christmas decorations made by my kids (primarily Andrew). And yes, there was enough Christmas snowflake paper scraps to drive me nuts for an entire month. And yes, I am still finding it everywhere.


3. Having  Steven and Brianne at our house Christmas morning. Especially their dog Leilla at our house and seeing how excited my kids were for Leilla to open her dog biscuits.


4. Having my husband home Christmas morning despite the fact he was on call Christmas. I am grateful drunks stayed off the roads overnight and women weren’t laboring!


5. Having Anne, Taylor, and Blaine here at our home christmas morning was a super bonus: 1) How cute is Blaine and how fun is the excitement on Christmas morning with toddlers! and 2) Taylor, your poached eggs benedict (that was it right?) was divine. Christmas breakfast was perfect! 3) Anne, thanks for being so excited about day-old donuts and a Chi!


6. Watching the kids open their Christmas presents and especially the special present from Dad to each of them  (see Sophie).


7. Jill:  “Roger, aren’t you proud of me I toned it down this year.”

Roger: “Jill, we have different definitions of toning it down.”


8. Seeing how excited Brian was by the gift Steven and Brianne made for him. He has it proudly displayed in our kitchen and even tonight says it needs a more prominent spot in our house!


9. Getting the most amazing thank-you card from my sister-in-law Brianne stating how much fun she had in Oregon for Christmas and that we were a part of that. And Steven, you are not that bad either.


10. This wasn’t that bad either.



7 responses to “Top 10 Things I loved about Christmas 2007

  1. Roger’s comment made me laugh out loud!

    I’m glad you guys had such a wonderful day – you are such a wonderful family!

  2. Love the picture of t he front room. . . looks just like our home when we were kids- A COMPLETE MESS!!! I’m with Roger. . .what exactly did you tone down? hahaha! Where did Andrew get the idea to leave a note to Santa about his “special presents”? Love this post!

  3. Actually . . . I just remembered I once left a note for the Tooth Fairy. I asked her to sign my note and I tied the note to my wrist and made sure I slept with my hand above the covers that night =)

  4. I think our husbands might have been separated at birth. Of course, my van didn’t come with a bow!
    It looks like you guys had an awesome day. Maybe Anne and Taylor would like to come to our house next year!

  5. Nice Magic School bus. That’s what we call ours. I have never loved a car before!

  6. Great post Jill, wonderful day

  7. Dad’s comment made me laugh, too! We had SO much fun. And Blaine remembers exactly what presents came from you. So every time he plays with his tonka trucks or buzz lightyear phone he reminds me that it came from Jill!

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