Brian’s Christmas Party


Brian had this grand idea of throwing a last minute christmas party for a few friends and families we love. He wanted the party to be a non-stressful event for me so he told me he would cater the event. We ordered yummy pizza and pasta from a local restaurant Redrock here in town and he and a buddy picked up the food. He even talked with a guy in our church and arrainged for him and his wife to come and play Santa and Mrs. Claus. I ran to Costco and got a bunch of presents for all of the kids from “Santa.” The party ended up being a wild success. Rozanne states it was one of the best parties she had ever been to. There was something for everyone. A little socializing, football (BYU bowl game) for the men/teens, playtime in the toyroom for the kids, good food, great visiting, and then a surprise visit from SANTA! It was a blast and Taylor my brother-in-law mentioned it was a party representative of a Martin Party! Brian states it is going to be an annual event. I hope so. My kids sure did love it.

 Now, for one of the more humorous events that occured….Santa brought a bag of stuffed animals for everyone (not realizing that I had gone to the effort of getting presents for every child). By the time he got to Andrew he handed him a pink kitty cat. You can imagine Andrew’s embarrassment and then when a comment was made about how he could give this to his girlfriend he lit up with rage and then tears. He could not get over this even hours after the party and then the next day. He even that night tried to color the cat with a black marker. I talked with him, calming his emotions, and tried to reassure him that he was not being picked on or ridiculed. I even offered to take the cat from him but he refused as Santa had given it to him and he was not going to have Santa hear he had given away or even discarded his toy. Days later, Andrew finally got over the whole scenario. I can’t imagine the day I have to tell him the truth about Santa. I want the belief to continue….



P.S. Yeah, Ethan was asleep when Santa arrived and Sophie….tears….as usual as she is afraid of the man. Therefore no pictures of the youngsters.


3 responses to “Brian’s Christmas Party

  1. How did I miss Andrew’s issue? We left early to go to the Woodses’ fabulous 50th anniv. party. Someone told me the stuffed animals were donated by Ann cowley, part of her beanie baby collection.

  2. Haha. . . this is great! What I love is that Sophie gets so scared but look at the excitement in her face in that first picture. Or is she scared? Maybe she’s thinking “Is this guy going to turn and look at me?”. Any ways I love the party idea- it reminded me of our old Martin Christmas parties when Santa would come.

  3. Just the idea of Andrew trying to chane the animal’s color cracked me up! Man, why can’t we live closer?!

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