A Girls Tea Party and The Nutcracker


The Rogue Valley Ballet was putting on the Nutcracker at the Craterian Theater. I thought it would be fun for my girls to see this performance as I had heard it was quite entertaining and also because they were taking ballet lessons. The performance also offered a perk of a brunch with the characters prior to the performance. My girls were excited, especially since their favorite neighbor Saydee was going with her mother. We all dressed up and carpooled down to the event. We had special tickets and they took us in to a fancy lunch complete with little finger foods (pbj’s, cucumber sandwich, etc.) and some delicious desserts too. Of course, what would a party be without the tea (hot wassel)! The girls felt like they were little princesses. Then the characters arrived and Sophie went into panic mode completely hysterical when she saw the nutcracker. She cried puppy dog tears until I scolded her to quit it. She finally calmed down enough to have pictures taken and then we went to the performance. The problem was we were already 90 minutes into this event and the performance was just beginning. Lizzie’s threshold for quite behavior had already been met and she proceeded to be disruptive the entire performance, with me taking her out for the last 30 minutes. While out, Brian¬†called me on my cell phone asking me when I was going to be home (he was babysitting the boys). His threshold had been met also!


Regardless, it was superfun to do this with my little girls and they would tell you they had a great time. I definitely won’t be repeating this any time soon but it was fun!

And p.s. I am simplifying my life, the girls have their final ballet lesson this saturday. We will think about lessons again when they are older.


One response to “A Girls Tea Party and The Nutcracker

  1. Jill, I’m so glad you blog these fun and special events!

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