Westminster Preschool Christmas Program


Every year the Westminster Presbyterian preschool puts on a short (20 minute) christmas program. It is the perfect length and every kid gets to be a star. Last year Lizzie refused to go on stage, preferring to sit in the audience next to me and sing into my ear. This is accompanied by Ethan’s antics which are always busy. This year’s preschool program was a huge successs! Sophie and Lizzie both were on stage singing (well, Sophie was singing), and neither girl ran off stage to sit with their mother. I was a proud mama and video taped the entire thing. They looked so cute and even Nana was there to support them.


One response to “Westminster Preschool Christmas Program

  1. Okay. . . Lizzy kills me. There Sophie is at attention-just waiting for the next song to start- and Lizzy could care less. She’s just sitting there with her chin in her hands. SO CLASSIC!

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